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Two ways to increase your gift!

If you make a FIRST-TIME gift to LATM, a Board Member has offered to match your gift up to $100! OR, if you commit to a NEW one-year Book Club membership, he will add $100!

Why help LATM?

Because we listen to world ministry leaders like Sergei Golovin. When he said Ukrainians want to learn biblical principles of justice and freedom, we helped him publish his book Bible and Politics: Foundations for Civil Society in Russian.

We listened to national leaders in SE Asia who seized an opportunity to have The Life of Christ Visualized in their own languages. Soon, 18,000 copies of this book will be distributed among seven different language groups, with several more languages in the works. 

We listened when Christopher Casey spoke of Muslims’ need for resources that can lead them to the Son, we responded to his request to help publish Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus in the Bosnian language. 




We listened to Amber Pierre’s proposal for a Haitian Creole edition of Beth Moore’s Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman. One thousand copies of this book just arrived in Haiti, much to the joy of women who live tough lives there.





Look at LATM’s 2016 Publishing Plan for the much bigger picture. It lists 100+ projects that are doable this year. Projects cost from under a dollar to several dollars per book, and the average is two dollars! Your FIRST-TIME gift of $100 plus the matching gift means YES to 100 books! Or, if you commit to a NEW one-year Book Club membership ($20/month = $240/year) PLUS the $100 match means YES to 170 books!


LATM listens to seasoned workers who know the issues that confront their people, and who know what resources will help them find, follow, and serve Jesus in their cultures. Pray about how many books you can help us produce for ministry partners around the world. Help us say YES to these requests.

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