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13 Lessons in Christian Doctrine Denver Sizemore
Walk in Discipleship, Leader Guide Michael Householder
Walk in Discipleship, Student Book Michael Householder

The July Book Club donations will help publish three books in Spanish, to be printed and used in Cuba. Michael Householder, our field partner on these projects, says, There are no Christian bookstores and very few if any books on Christian doctrine. This book is a part of my disciple-making system. It will also give me a chance to put it in the hands of many denominational churches nationwide.


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Did you join a book club that sent you books you didn't really want, or didn't have time to read? Well, join a different kind of Book Club. Instead of receiving a book each month, you will help LATM give a book every month to someone across the world who needs it!

It works like this: We tell you about the selected book project each month, and the people and place it will bless. (Details for this month's project are at the right on this page.) It might be a book on Christian evidences in Russian one month, a Bible study text in Spanish the next, or a commentary in Arabic.

We will send an envelope for your $20 to help fund the project. That is not much, you might think. But combined with gifts from other Book Club members, you can fund the printing of an entire book project! Since its beginning in 1994, our Book Club members have given nearly $1,000,000, and helped print almost 400 book projects!


Say Yes! by phone or email. Call us at 1-417-623-6280 extension 105. Send an email to latm@latm.info. Or, just mail your first contribution and tell us you're ready to help put Christian books to work across the globe! PO Box 645, Joplin, MO 64802.


Shawn Tyler is a long-time missionary in East Africa. LATM has helped publish books that Shawn uses in his effective ministry. Join the Book Club and enjoy the enthusiasm Shawn has for books in ministry.


Book Club.ShawnTyler

Jerry Thaprom’s Harmony of the Gospels
From LATM’s World News letter winter of 1994:
Recently Chris DeWelt and I met with Jerry Thaprom of Thailand. We discussed the need for books in Rawang. He told us he has been dedicating the majority of his time for the past two years to writing in Rawang. In addition to helping Robert Morse translate the Old Testament, he has also written Harmony of the Gospels and OT Survey. With donations he was able to raise, he has been able to print 500 copies of the Gospels book and 1,000 copies of the survey, but there is need for many more copies.
Jerry told us that there are 500,000 Rawang Christians, and that nearly 100% of them can read. He also said that there are at least 1,000 ministers among the Christian Churches, Assemblies of God and the Baptists, and they are all begging for these materials. He has so far limited distribution to ministers because of the small quantity he was able to have printed, but Christians in the churches also want these books. He told us of one man in Northern Burma who, upon seeing a copy of the gospels book that his minister had, offered his cow in trade for it! The preacher told him he couldn’t do that, because he needed it for his own sermon preparations. So he let him copy it by hand! This is a 226 page book! It took several notebooks. He also told us that many preachers write out the text of the books on a blackboard with chalk, and the people copy it down in their own notebooks!
From World News letter spring of 1994:
In our last edition of World News, we told you about Jerry Thaprom’s book projects in the Rawang language, and of the need to get his Harmony of the Gospels printed in Thailand. In this ministry it is difficult to tell how long it will take to raise the funding for any particular book project. When Jerry told us the printing cost, we frankly didn’t have much hope of having it by his June target date. But God does surprising things through His people who are sensitive to His leading. When Jerry received the news in Thailand, he immediately faxed this response to us:
We were so thrilled to learn from you that the Lord has answered our prayers. Praise the Lord!!!!! We are so thankful to you for helping us to make this project possible. May God continue to bless and care for you.
From World News letter fall of 1994:
Jerry Thaprom left his home in southeast Asia in 1974 to come to Bible college in the United States. Upon graduation, he returned home to minister to his fellow Rawang people. Since Bible study materials are very scarce in the Rawang language, Jerry set about writing a study on the Gospels. Ten years later, he requested help from LATM to get it printed. Several months ago a major donation was received to fund this project. We are happy to report that 2,000 copies have been printed in Thailand and are now being delivered to Rawang church leaders. We praise God that this book is such an effective teaching tool.


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