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18 Projects Completed last half of December
Including 2 New Languages
Four commentaries in the Arabic Bible Commentary series by Safaa Fahmi et al.: Leviticus, Daniel, Luke,  and 2 Timothy
Six Arabic books to help parents with their children:
Child Rearing by Adel Mikhail Aziz
My Child has a Problem, Volumes 1-4 by Joseph Fayez Habil
Raising Children: Internet, TV, Social Media by Waseem Girgis
Reprint of Muslims and Christians Talking Together by Ibrahim Abdur Rahman in English
The Life of Christ Visualized by Standard Publishing in Lahu
Spanish edition of Dann Spader’s 4 Chair Discipling
Muslims and Christians Talking Together (reprint) by Ibrahim Abdur Rahman in Swahili
Church Hymns and Lyrics, V. Gnanasikhamani, ed., in Tamil and in Telugu
First project in Zaiwa: Life of Christ Visualized by Standard Publishing
First project in Borana: 28 Days with Matthew by Donald S. Tingle



Chris DeWelt shares his heart about the exciting changes for LATM and College Press.


LATM field partner in Belarus, Vasili Trubchyk, asked for help with another publishing project to help children learn about Jesus. His first project with us was Adventures of Goshka and His Friends. This new project is recently completed. It is called Bible Puzzles for Children.

Vasili says, Thank you again for helping! We got all of them! All is good and we are happy that can to distribute the book. Children got the book and will be read. You know, we printed 3000 copies and many children will get very good gift. This gift will be serve them many years because the book has very good quality.

Share the joy with these children in Grodno, Belarus, at the new Light of the World church, who received some of the 3,000 copies.


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