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Information is POWER, so all that you folks are doing to print and spread Biblical information allows people all over the world to become EMPOWERED to make decisions for Him. Thanks for all you do, and may God richly bless all your efforts.
Ron & Margo Shepherd - LATM supporters, Carrollton, Georgia

What a joy for us to be a part of the great work the Lord is doing through LATM in spreading the message of His everlasting Book through many books in many languages, providing every person the opportunity to hear the message in the very specific way he or she needs it!
Sergei Golovin, Christian Center for Science and Apologetics, Ukraine

What you have done—and are doing and will continue to do, by God's grace—in publishing hundreds of projects in dozens of languages, is one of the most significant undertakings that I am aware of in the Restoration Movement today. May God continue to bless you and your staff as you "bring the books" to the peoples of the world.
Victor Knowles, Peace On Earth Ministries

TCM's partnership with LATM continues to be a wonderful blessing to our students from Eastern Europe. LATM's thoughtful, effective and culturally sensitive ministry provides critical resources and yields exponential results. Please support LATM GENEROUSLY!
Dr. Tony Twist, TCM International

Recently, while reflecting on what God has accomplished through our ministry, I decided that perhaps our publishing ministry will have the most lasting effect. If all else was stopped tomorrow the books and materials we have printed would still be here for a lasting ministry. We are very appreciative of the permission we have had from College Press to translate and print their materials in Russian. We are also very appreciative of LATM for the financial support you have sent our way for these publications. We hope to have a long and lasting partnership with LATM in preparing materials for our Russian people.
Max Goins and Constantine Nazarov, Moscow, Russia

God is mightily blessing the ministry here through all of you.
Dr. T. Lunkim, Imphal, India

Thank you very much for your cooperation. It is not possible to overestimate what we have done for the Kingdom of Christ working together with you and other American Christians. Many Polish Christians will be blessed and equipped for their ministry for Christ. This labour will be bringing proper fruits to the glory of God for many years.
Michal Weremiejewicz, Warsaw, Poland

Thank you for your continued prayers....and partnership in providing needed Christian resources.
Jim and Laurie Barnes, Prague, Czech Republic

Because of your initiative and generosity, this book [A Newcomer's Guide to the Bible by Michael Armour] is now available in the hands of the Albanian reader. We have been distributing this book to other Christian churches as well.
Dr. Spiro Doraci, Durres, Albania

Thanks so much for your help. May God bless you for your understanding and vision for this kind of ministry. It is great to know that you have the same kind of vision that we have for getting good Biblical books out in the native language of the peoples of the world.
Paul Highfield, working among the Maasai of Kenya

LATM is, in our estimation, a most needful ministry to bring the enduring Word in written words to those around the world.
Russell & Bonnie Moomaw - LATM supporters Wayne, Nebraska

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